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Paramount Award Winner of the 2005 Wallace Art Awards

Sara Hughes has commented extensively on aspects of her art practice, and in particular on her dazzling Paramount Award winning work Download, in this revealing statement:
‘I am interested in the possibilities of painting and my practice is entangled in investigating its forms and function, which often leads me to making site-specific installations and paintings that bring together concepts with perceptual experience. I frequently make use of devices from abstraction’s historical framework, yet it is my aim to reinvestigate its mode and method through contemporary culture and image-making.

‘At the time I won the Award I was interested in relationships between painting and digital technology, and the possibilities new technologies offer contemporary image-making and thinking. These interests feed in and out of my work in different ways, from how I made the work, to also the subject matter of the work. I am interested in what happens when paint, the hand, and other materials get mixed up with technology – when these elements blur and overlap, creating new perspectives and ways to navigate and traverse through the complex digital world we live in.

‘The painting Download appears to pause or capture a split second of the endless data transmission that occurs in cyberspace.
Resembling explosions or implosions of matter or information it was my aim to engage the viewer in a space that had accelerated beyond the horizon into a floating swarm of fragmented facets. The work utilises an iterating format of squares and circles, yet there is a subversive nature to these grids that have been stretched and squeezed out of their formal constraints.’

Catalogue Text:
Published on the occasion of the Twenty Wallace Art Awards Paramount Winners Exhibition.
14 February to 22 April 2012 at The Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre and 2 August to 30 September 2012 at the Wallace Gallery Morrinsville.
Acrylic on linen
1500 x 1500mm
Signed and dated on reverse
Accession date
23 Feb 2006
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