TANIWHA/DRAGON (qi gong notes, spirit bones)

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TANIWHA/DRAGON (qi gong notes, spirit bones)
Winner of the Paramount Award 17th Annual Wallace Art Awards 2007

Contributed in response to an enquiry about the making of his Paramount Award winning TANIWHA/DRAGON (qi gong notes, spirit bones), James Robinson’s poem vividly evokes the multiple layers of meaning contained in this densely packed, beautiful work:

line after line of characters
everyone lodged in my memory...blood cells the cloud of everyone...we all are...
a curtain of genetics...of human drama pageantry of profane and ridiculous blessed human story.
now or then...a past or future
we accumulate information...process the cause effect of our own stitched together...fractal identities held together under the single totem ghost spirit great spirit holy spirit who turns down the beer wine and is drenched in purest qi energy information from the universe.
from walking the island of blustery dense mountains bush and mud...from breathing the air from Antarctica...under stars and nature patterns from primordial time we go into our psyche remembering who was what was before and ahead.
my notes like hieroglyphs...like cartoon like videogame... in reaction to my Chinese teacher wisdom culture i am responsible for my own disease..
i am capable of healing...through process work and effort... the inherited patterns of social cultural and human suffering. know though...the truest part of my highest self all self is
innate whole beautiful and loved beyond this world forever
forgiven and embraced by the totality of ancient beauty of all consciousness universe and information ceaselessly transforming changing and growing.
this is the taniwha...dragon...the life force...the atua...the universe. we leave traces of our journeys here...in little flags...sewn together
James Robinson, 2012

James Robinson was the McCahon House Artist-in-Residence July to September 2007.

Catalogue text:
Published on the occasion of the Twenty Wallace Art Awards Paramount Winners Exhibition,14 February to 22 April 2012 at The Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre and 2 August to 30 September 2012 at the Wallace Gallery Morrinsville.
Mixed media on paper (sewn) and mixed media on canvas
2500 x 3000mm
Signed and dated
Accession date
26 Oct 2007
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