Artwork Detail

Less than four years after completing her Masters in Fine Arts, Sara Hughes won the Wallace Arts Trust Paramount Award in 2005, with a work titled 'Download'. The work was one of the first acquired by the Trust, with the number of works held in the collection increasing since. Like 'Download', 'Slumber', fuses the artist’s knowledge of Op Art and modernist abstraction in order to offer comment on information systems.

'Slumber', an original work on paper, encompasses a number of the key concerns of Hughes’ practice. Pattern is employed to create colourful visual abstractions, however, each pattern is warped, distorted, or augmented in order to create complex spatial effects within the pictorial plane. As the patterned shapes warp, bend and recede into and around each other, Hughes calls to question the ambiguous spaces that can be created through computer effects and digital manipulation. The juxtaposition of airbrushed blues and greens of the background serve to heighten the bright fuchsia of the patterned shapes, as well as Hughes’ meticulous control of the medium. For Hughes, colour and pattern function as code, where meaning and utilitarian purpose may never be elucidated. Instead, Hughes references modern information systems and visual data, with each pattern, colour and shape representing a pixel, dot, one or zero, a fragment of a much greater system.
Acrylic on 300gsm Fabriano paper
770 x 560mm;
887 x 677mm (framed and glazed)
Accession date
28 Nov 2014
Accession number