Artwork Detail

Adrian Jackman has a long-standing association with the Wallace Arts Trust and its Collection, beginning in 1995, when the Trust acquired the first work, an untitled work on paper, for the Collection. Since then, a further eleven works have been acquired, with the most recent acquisition, titled Betelgeuse, painted in 2019, and entered into that year’s Wallace Art Awards, where it was shown as part of the Salon des Refuses.
The two works selected here, Betelgeuse and Transition, function as bookends to the Collection’s current holdings, while also providing an overview of the progression of Jackman’s practice. Betelgeuse, an entry into the 2019 Wallace Art Awards, is the most recent acquisition, and showcases Jackman’s development of what he terms “a distinctive language of formal abstraction with a strong use of flat colour.” Through his utilization of bold, flat colour, Jackman references the pointillist techniques of Georges Seurat, and adapts these to further explore abstraction within his works. Colour is expertly placed, dictating to the viewer where space recedes and where it becomes the foreground, while also subverting the viewer’s perceptions of the composition. As the viewer’s eye travels across the painted surface of the work, the rhythm of the composition reveals itself, inviting further contemplation.
Framed acrylic on linen painting
1020 x 715mm
Accession date
30 Oct 2019
Accession number